Free font usage policy

By downloading a Your Own Font Foundry font, you agree that the font is licensed to you as a person. You have the right:

o To install and use the OpenType/TrueType font on up to 1 computer including computer units.

o To use to OpenType/TrueType font for stricly personal purposes such as 

  • Scrapbooking for private use

  • Printing on personal use items (greetingcards etc.) which are not for resale

  • Use in design applications in images, designs or documents intended for personal use

  • If you have concerns if your use is an approved non-commercial use - please ask first by contacting Your Own Font.

To use a font labeled as free font (except for Virgil YOFF which is Public Domain) for commercial use:

  • You will need to require a commercial license through one of the below options:

  • 1. Make a donation via PayPal for commercial use 


2. Contact for purchase of a commercial license

A time-limited license will be generated personally for you/your company according to the agreement made between licensor (YOFF) and licensee (you/your company).